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Innovative Approaches to Adolescent Perinatal Wellbeing in the UK

Explained in Words

INSPIRE UK project is an extension of the INSPIRE project. It aims to understand the experiences of adolescent girls during pregnancy and the year after birth and their impact on mental health in a high-income country (the UK). We will use what we learn to compare and contrast with the experiences of adolescent girls in Mozambique and Kenya. This will provide formative information for a larger grant application into the development of an intervention to support adolescent perinatal mental health in high-resource settings.

Where will it take place?

The research will take place in community settings in London, United Kingdom.

Who will be invited to take part?

Adolescent girls (aged 15-19 years) who are pregnant or have given birth in the previous 12 months.

How will the project be carried out?

Up to 20 adolescent girls will be recruited to participate in a one-to-one interview with a member of the research team. Interviews will be used to identify the challenges, needs, and priorities of these young women using a human-centred design approach. What we learn will be compared with the experiences of girls in Kenya and Mozambique to help figure out if a similar intervention to that developed through the INSPIRE project, might be successful in the UK.

What is the potential impact?

By developing and providing an intervention that is based on the needs, priorities, and goals of adolescent girls and the adults who support them, we might increase its success and sustainability. 

Take part

If you live in London, are 15-19 years old, and have been pregnant or given birth in the last 12 months you can find out more about how to join our study here.

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