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The INSPIRE project expands to the UK

2 Feb 2023

London experiences of adolescent pregnancy and early parenthood


Adolescent girls’ experiences of pregnancy and motherhood and its effect on mental health in London, Kenya, and Mozambique

Who is eligible to take part?

You are eligible to take part in the research if you meet the following inclusion criteria:

  • Pregnant or gave birth in the last 12 months

  • Aged 15-19 years

  • Living in London

What is the research about?

The current research seeks to explore the experiences of pregnancy and motherhood among adolescent girls' living in London and to examine how these experiences affect mental health.

It then will consider how the challenges of adolescent pregnancy and early motherhood among girls in London compare to those of girls living in Kenya and Mozambique.

This research is being conducted to develop a meaningful understanding of the experience of adolescent pregnancy, motherhood and its affect on perinatal mental health across high, middle and low income countries.

What is involved?

The research will involve participants completing a once-off, semi-structured interview with the researcher, where they will answer questions about and share their experiences of mental health as young mothers during the perinatal period. The interview will last approximately 1 hour and it will be audio recorded for later transcription. All participant details will be anonymised and any potentially identifying information will be changed to maintain participants’ privacy and confidentiality.

Who is undertaking the research?

The research is being undertaken by Aoife O’Leary, a trainee clinical psychologist completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at King's College London. She is supervised by Dr Tatiana Salisbury

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