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This summer, introducing -

/ɪnˈspaɪər ˈpɛ.dja/

Our bite-sized, friendly online dictionary for common or uncommon mental health research concepts.

Compiled and explained by the INSPIRE team, ongoing also waiting for your suggestions!

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Why don't we see evidence-based mental health solutions more often in the real world? 

Part of the challenge is that solutions are often developed FOR - not WITH, or BY - those delivering and receiving interventions. 

If solutions don't match their needs, goals and priorities, they will never make an impact. 

The Problem

The Challenge

The Idea



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Bringing research to you in the form of bite-sized text summaries, videos, and links to relevant work


Evidence-based research is at the core of what we do. Click on the article for a digestible summary and a link to the original papers that inspire and drive our work.

STAY TUNED! We are currently working on creating and uploading more resources. Keep an eye out!