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Special Q&A series 1: With our Principal Investigator Dr Tatiana Salisbury

30 Apr 2022

We are hosting a special Q&A series with our INSPIRE research members, where they talk about their experience with the project, and why they think INSPIRE is important.
First with our principal investigator, Dr Tatiana Salisbury.

Tatiana talked about her initial plan of going to medical school, her journey in conducting systematic reviews, and how she found her passion in studying social factors and mental health.

She strongly believes in developing interventions with those who need and deliver the interventions, which is the core philosophy of the INSPIRE project. Her thoughtfulness and modesty inspire all of those around her.

We hope you enjoy this series!

About INSPIRE Project:

The INSPIRE (Innovative Approaches to Adolescent Perinatal Wellbeing) project is a mental health project in Kenya and Mozambique, hoping to develop an intervention to improve the wellbeing of young mothers.

It aims to work with young mothers and other key stakeholders, with a human-centred, systems thinking design approach driven by implementation science methods.

Find our more about the INSPIRE project:

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